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Illuminate Your Home With Electrical Additions

Discuss your plans with a residential electrician in Johnsburg, Crystal Lake, IL and the surrounding areas today

Is your home in need of an electrical upgrade? Do you want to highlight certain features with specialty lighting? Look no further than Baella Electric Services for your reliable residential electrician in Johnsburg, Crystal Lake, IL and throughout McHenry County. You can turn to us for home electric services if you want help with:

Installations. We'll help you hook up your new hot tub or ceiling fan.


Accents. Brighten your workspace with under cabinet lighting.


Lights. Get outdoor security lighting or change to energy-saving LED bulbs.

These are just some of your options when you work with an expert residential electrician. The possibilities for upgrading your home are limitless.

Signs it’s time to call an electrician

Can’t figure out the source of the problem? Here are a few indicators that you need help from an electrician:

  • You’re flipping your circuit breakers frequently
  • Your outlets feel warm to the touch
  • You notice sparking when you plug something in
  • You hear buzzing from your outlets

Some of these signs are harmless, but others could be dangerous. Don’t use faulty outlets or appliances until you’ve called an electrician. Call 224-577-5002 now to arrange for home electric services in Johnsburg, IL.

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